What Life is ??????
Have you ever thought seriously,compassionately,honestly??

Life that is known as a blessing of god and we should be thankful to God that he bestowed us this life and we should strive for the day of judgment .That is true!

But when people come to know about life so they define it as ::
Life;is boring,
life;is love
life;is sacrifice
life;is lovely
life;is good
life;is totally useless
life;is amazing

Diffrent views come infront but what i think is life is a simple white paper,it is up to you whether you write,draw,decorate,remove,welcome new things,paint or tear it.


3 thoughts on “Life><

  1. For Me Life is to enjoy every moment and not to regret any thing..For we live only once so we have only this life..
    I really loved your Perspective..Very Optimistic Yasmeen.. πŸ™‚

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