Why Sucide?????


The basic place where a baby gets birth is his/her home.Where first a baby opens his eyes so he sees his mother and his family but he can’t understand what they say,he is innocent when he is a kid.He doesn’t know whether he is a Muslim,a Christan,a Hindu,a Sikh or a Marati.I don’t know what  is did in other religions when a baby is born but i can clearly write about my religion when a baby is born,When a baby gets birth in an Islamic family so the head of the family says the Islamic prayers in the ears of the baby and he becomes a Muslim.
At first when he opens his eyes and is unawakened from his religion so he cries a lot,He only cries, because for him the outer world becomes strange from the womb of mother.When a baby is in mother’s womb so he doesn’t know what his cast is and what his religion is?
But soon when he rapidly starts exploring the world so he starts understanding his environment and his religion.Whatever he learns,he gains it form his family members,the way he is limited in manners,that way he starts settling himself with accordance to his parents.
Simply ,i mean to write that the first place of a baby is the lap of mother and whatever he learns is obviously gained from the parents.When a person is good-mannered so it is due to parents and when a baby is bad-mannered so also it is due to parents.
Secondly,the discussion is at Society,mostly the people say that our children are bad because of the people in society but it is something of common sense that when a parent gives his children good manners so then he should be matured enough to identify the wrong and right,When he knows that a well is in front of him so he shouldn’t jump instead he should skip from that way and explore new way.About society,i write that no children can be bad because of a society,whoever says like this i oppose them and i pity them at their mind-setups.
Thirdly,if we take the population of Pakistan according to population census so it is like this year wise:
Census Year                           Rural Population                              Urban population
1951                                                 82.4                                                17.6
1961                                                  77.5                                                22.5
1972                                                  73.5                                                26.5
1981                                                  71.7                                                 28.3
1998                                                  67.5                                                  32.5
According to the census in 1998,the total population of the country was 132.4 in which 68.9 million were males while 63.5 were females.Most of the people including children,youngsters,old and babies were killed while suffering from various fatal diseases and other were almost killed due to family matters,bomb blasts and Gun-firings.
If we take a common example of our new generation,so the children,students who are at the age of 14th or 15th,even it is not the age where they should start thinking at serious matters and should wish to suicide but the recent era is arranged in such a way that children and students get compelled to choose the option(suicide) BUT WHY???
Mostly the teenagers suffer from school problems(exams),family problems,social problems and personal problems as i wrote before it is not the age where they should think like this but unfortunately it is our bad luck that our teenagers(the builders of the country)Suicide.
We always think and discuss various topics but hardly ever we think such topics,today i also thought to write  and whoever has followed my blog and read this piece of writing could convey my message to those who want to get rid from their lives.
It is not the time to take the gun and shot yourself but it is the time to tale the gun and fight with challenges ,i know it is not so easy because i myself has been suffering from very difficult times too but after i left everything and stopped caring for other things.I don’t care what others say now,what i think is right i clearly go for it and struggle for it,whoever opposes me i don’t listen to them because i have full confidence at me that i am doing a right thing and for right things those person claim and defame who are jealous of your success so leave them and struggle !
I  am a resident of Baluchistan,a city in Pakistan 96% here is educated and literate while others are uneducated and uncivilized.The parents living here have very narrow way of thinking simply narrow-minded.
They compare their children,son to daughter,they give more importance to sons and less importance to daughters why So???
IF a son is admitted in a private school so why a daughter is admitted in a Governmental school???They give more priority to sons.
Teen sucide is a common fashion now,they take guns and shot them at tiny problems and problems are caused by people in society commonly.They mostly do it because of Girl friends and boy friends problems,Examination problems,Social problems.
The last point of my article is:Islam has prohibited to suicide and it says”Those who suicide will always suffer from the same pain(the way they have killed themselves)till the day of judgment”
Thank you….


5 thoughts on “Why Sucide?????

  1. These problems among youth are not limited to Pakistan and unfortunately many adults grow up to be deeply depressed and perhaps even suicidal. Kudos to you for applying good sense to your own challenges and for exploring this serious issue.

  2. This is a fantastic read to me. Must acknowledge that you are one of many coolest tumblr I ever saw. Many thanks for posting this valuable information. This was just what I was upon looking for. I will come back to this site for sure!

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