Malala yousuf zai……Bold sister..


Malala yousuf zai

The sun that rose up for giving energy to others and,the moon that was seen on sky to shine up others and the butterfly that flied in gardens to give pleasure to others.
I solute my sister Malala Yousuf zai who raised her voice towards wrong and is struggling to achieve her ambition.
I know as a baloch i am writing it down and may be some people read this and will say:”She as a Baloch is supporting a Pakistani”So my answer is”i was born with dignity and i am getting education to support the right and to finish the violence”
I want such sisters in my Baluchistan,why we can’t be Malala,Arfa,Why?
Because we fear and that is reality.
But I will be the first Yasmeen and finish the violence in my Baluchistan,I am with Malala Yousufz zai.I don’t know that whether those statements were true or not that Malala was not shot down,it was done on the basis of planing.But as an educated girl,i support her and i solute her for her bravery!!!
What happens in our nation is that,when someone wants to do something right so people see her with a different narrow view and people step back due to them,but i am not from them.I will be the same as Sister said Because i believe in war of education not in war of bullets!
Thank you…


5 thoughts on “Malala yousuf zai……Bold sister..

  1. Dear Yasmeen,

    I am so glad to get in touch with a lovely lady like you. Your appreciation for Malala proves how broad minded and ration you are. I am so impressed.

    My forefathers have their roots in Lahore. My dad was born in Multan. So, I feel a strong connect for my Pakistani brothers and sisters.

    This blog post was so honest and beautiful – a reflection of what you appear to be.

    Blessings from India. 🙂

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