Space for learning..


Education:The word education is a collection of observation,experiments,development and creation.
Students:Students are a different nation where they make their own culture,their own language ,their own president and their own dresses.
Teachers:Teacher is someone who teaches,but teacher is not only this,teacher is a unique profession that is known is the most honorable job in world.
School / academy:A school is a place where disciples come to get knowledge and then utilize this knowledge in diffrent ways to get honor.
Apart from all these points if we discuss space for learning so we get confused that what does really it means.
I simply want to write that students in Pakistan are not provided with that skill that they should take it as an optimum for their future.
Teachers in Pakistan mostly torcher the students with sticks,with punishment and students suffer from various physical problems that further becomes a dangerous hurdle for them.
In Pakistan 85% students get good marks in mtric(9th or 1oth)and after and other 15% get fail in getting good marks.WHY?
If we see Pakistan so its educational property is not so well because here students are promoted on the basis of grade,position,not on the basis of talent.Here talent is concealed and marks are shown.
Secondly;I have observed it many times,sometimes in order to check some things,i like to take risks in my life.Once i was a position holder,all teachers praised me and awarded me but once i  felt that the students that are week in studies ,teachers don’t pay much attention to them,so i decided to be failed once and went a head,so it was the test of chemistry,i prepared my self well,but still i wanted to fail it in order to check the reaction of my teachers after it.What i wanted,that happened,i failed the test ,i also wept a lot because i had never failed a test before as i chose this option my self so i tolerated these whole circumstances.Again after the test,teacher slowly and gradually started ignoring me and always claimed me for failing the test that in reality discouraged me as well disappointed me from studies.It was not my aim,it was just a checking,so i recovered it soon and again got my that status again .The intention of this paragraph is to realize those teachers who encourage the talented students and ignore the feeble  students,i know it is not something good to raise voice against teachers but it is also not good that i am getting education in order to finish the wrong,and i should remain silent and tolerate the wrong too.
Any ways,it is very bad that teachers do like this and disappoint the week students.Students should be bestowed with the full space for learning to clear their mind,to explain their view and boost up their talent..
That’s all.Thank you 🙂


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