Good /\/\()rning

Beautiful Gardens 27
Have a good day
near a bridge,away from tears
and get through your way

Go to garden,listen to a song
walk carefully,breath slowly,
and keep yourself strong

fresh up yourself,dance a bit
take your breakfast
don’t be fast,you will slip and then say;Oh!Shit

I pray that your days should be blessed
your nights should be beautiful
and the good moments in your lives shouldn’t be missed,,,,
Good Morning Buddies,,Love you all,,,



5 thoughts on “Good /\/\()rning

  1. Good morning too,

    I pray the breeze of grief may never touch you,

    The joyous days always follow you,

    Your beautiful soul embrace the smiling angels in every hour of your entity,

    And, you play with the beautiful flowers in your garden every time the sun dawns with a wide smile on your brightening face,

    Stay blessed!

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