Women Status In W()Rld

Difficulties and hurdles come in lives to examine us and our strength,so it is must for us to be upright and bold.
some people stand with a knife and some stand with weapons to fight with difficulties but unfortunately none of them wins,Why?
Here is your answer:they don’t win because they are not sincere with their own decision and they live their lives with accordance to others.They don’t choose the way that is suitable for them but they choose the way that others say so they get fail in fighting with hurdles.Secondly they pretend to fight but they seem to be hopeless and they loose their confidence in the first step.So it is must that we should be confident,hopeful and sincere with the aims of our lives.
When we talk or discuss women so many shapes of her come in front,at some places she plays the role of a mother,at some places of a sister,whether at some places of a wife.
If we take a glimpse all over the world women has been used,she has been given the status of a tissue paper,people have used it and thrown it.
When people of Arab were illiterate so they graved the baby girls alive and they didn’t have right to live their lives as men and boys were living,Even in foreign and international countries women has always been used for a profit.She has always been deprived from her due and mutual rights,She has always been torcher mentally,physically and emotionally.In short,she has never been given the status of a member in societies. If she has been given something so that has been injustice and cruel rights.
After the advent of Islam,illiteracy was overcame and women was given the full rights after but yet again we see the era of illiteracy and ignorance,Women who controls the problems,who manages a house,she has always been a  corner stone in every aspect but still she has been disrespected.But why?
Actually people see her weakness so people threat her and torcher her.And no law no court has yet taken action.Laws in Pakistan have been made only for abduction,for injustice,and for cruelty, When a women is disrespected,so Court is silent,When Holy Qur’an is fired out so court is silent,but when budget is presented,when the discussion comes to taxes so it speaks,it is called the Court of Pakistan.
Pakistan that is based at qalma-e-taiyaba,an Islamic country but  still it was silent when Holy Qur’an was fired out in Mashkey,Gomazai(Balochistan),When the film About Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) was released so only points and words were being shown at media but no one took action without blocking you tube.O.I.C(organization of Islamic conference)that works for Islamic dealings but without commenting comments,it didn’t do anything.All what is here,it is for apparent,no one is doing anything for reality.
women is being used at social media,in newspapers,but what the government is doing,NOTHING.
In Holy Qur’an Surah Ahzab,completely describes the women,But our government has not read it yet so it is silent about every fair problem but speaks at every useless news.
It is called the government of Pakistan,that mutilates and throws the dead bodies,
women has always been deprived form a peaceful life but If we will unite and fight against every wrong so the day is not far when our government will accept its failure!


2 thoughts on “Women Status In W()Rld

  1. That is a very nice read…A real eye opener and to make this world a better place to live in we must consider raising the status of women worldwide..

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