Doubting disease

In life we doubt

in loneliness we shout

such process is called life

when we sit and found


a time comes inbetween

in which we start negative thinking

that is the disese

which creates a bad scene


When the ideas rise

they think they are doing nice

we don’t think about dooms

just we smile ad grow as n their size


this disease deletes our trust

it seize us in its all force

we adopt it and go with it

finally it converts our image in dust


slowly it attacks on our habits

it cheats us very cleverly

within hours it will be on our minds

and will chase us like rabbits


at least it leaves 1% of beleiving

then it tricks us quietly

and destroys our lives

but pity!we will be just seeing


it is doubting disease of a society

very harmful it is,be aware!

i told you,it was my duty

thank god i am not in ts cheating

YAsmeen baloch(the twinkling star)


6 thoughts on “Doubting disease

  1. The rhythm of this written poetry is worth a real appreciation. Well organized and really creative. you should do literature.

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