Is Science More Useful or More Harmful???

Beginning with the name of  Allah who is the creator of all creations, who is the most gracious and the most merciful.
My dear readers Asalam u alekum!
Today here at this stage the topic of the speech and in front of you all I have been given an opportunity to express my views and feelings is that: Science is useful or more harmful.
Compare 19th century to 21st century, I hope you all find many changes; man was the first creation who traveled to moon, who discovered roads of success, who made atomic bomb for his safety and protection, who fought against nature for his bare existence.
He was the one who worked hard, tamed horses, invented wheel, built ships and boats, but still life was hard for him.Why?Because he didn’t have many comforts, he was helpless  but the application of science to the man kind has changed his life. He had never been so powerful as he is now. The means of communication, radio planes, trains, ships, telegraph, are all gifts of science.
In past the diseases were fatal, they killed millions of people, malaria that destroyed many lives, but now epidemics are inevitable.
Today we have much more comforts and leisure than people had in past.If today America has the power of attorney so it is just because of science .Science has made our lives easy, it has changed the world by its tremendous inventions, It invented electric bulb to shine our lives, it invented atomic energy that our lives should be relaxed, MRI treatment to overcome the disease .The biggest miracle of science is Conquest of moon which was a memorable day in the history of science along Armstrong,Aldrin and Collins who reached at moon after traveling two lakes forty thousand miles.
The knowledge, information that educates us, that helps us to fight with hurdles by a single pen; yes it is called science that has made us wealthy by such knowledge!
It is a common saying that” Life is not a bed of roses” and it was much true in past as humans faced various problems and then achieved their goals, but now without facing problems, without covering miles, we reach at our destinations and we achieve our goals, Science has provided optimums for the man kind and doesn’t let them to get entangled in worldly affairs. Science is unoffending, Science is knowledge, science is information, science is education and those who say science is useless and is a curse I ask to them, and I shall ask knowledge can be a curse.(no,no,not at all)
and even it is stated in holy Qur’an:Say!those who know can be equal to those who don’t know.
Today our country is suffering from poverty and various corruptions because it hasn’t that weapons that could destroy his enemies, not those apparatus that it could educated its students in a good way, it hasn’t that students that utilize their talents because our everything is weak, and we get fail in proving us powerful.
My dear audience: Science is a blessing rather the greatest blessing, it has taught us the way of success, it mobilizes us to face the challenges of the world.
News are transmitted in seconds via satellites, disease are cure less with in minutes via surgeries and laser operations.
If science is a curse and is useless, so I answer no one would have remained in this world after facing such dangerous diseases that were almost fatal.Polio, hepatitis a, b, and c, cancer, AIDS if their treatment is possible so it is not less than a blessing audience,
We all know that science is useful, but How?
Science helps us to understand the world, and it seeks us how to get involved in worldly obstacles .It has assisted us in studying the earth, the moon, that how the world came into existence. It has taught us mathematics, biology
Physics and it has given us good engineers, good doctors, good mathematicians.
Faitha goris, Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, all are rewarded as specialists in scientific fields. Why can’t we be someone, why can’t we be scientists, why can’t we develop formulas, because our base is weak and our base is our education and we aren’t having those facilities that should educated us,
Science is a key that generates thousands of lives, that develops a nation,
our ancestors didn’t know about solar and lunar eclipses, solar system, they thought it is only earth in solar system, Did they know why earth quakes occurs? But they gave strange ideas about them.
But now we know how many planets are that revolve around the sun, why earth quakes occurs, why cyclones occurs, why people suffer from heart attacks, brain tumors and other vital diseases, we are blessed guy coz are having the highest power ,we are informative, we have technology, we have education so Why not?
Why shouldn’t we do something that should rise up our nation?
Our bad luck is that having something but we consider we have nothing, we don’t utilize our power.
The basic idea of Qur’an: Read that you understand the universe.
It is science that has let us to be knowledgeable enough to understand the world.
It is the knowledge of physical sciences that let us to know about the universe that we live in. and to know the vast secrets of the nature, it is knowledge audience, it is science that proved this notion wrong that education is useless,
Thanks’ to Allah Almighty that he educated us with Islamic teachings and taught us the way for our bright futures through science.
I hope my words have brought you home that why science is useful and how?
Hope the conclusion for the topic ………..


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