Cambridge or Entery of the King…

It was a great news for the people of panjgur as Sir Zahir Hussain was back to Panjgur,therefor it had a great impact on panjgur.He returned back and at his returning as if new hopes and new dreams rose up in the hearts of people for their future.
The Oasis Academy(Previous institution by Sir Zahir)is still running but many things were missing,students were being educated but discipline was missing,teachers were teaching but the positivity was missing,principle was a kind one but rules were missing!
I really pity for the destiny of Oasis that turned out into bad circumstances,it isn’t good to say i pity:but it hurts that students are loosing their a blities,their intrests that they know,all things have been disordered.
Cambridge(the new school of Sir Zahir)which is located in Chitkan,also has a english language center at evening time,where the students are taking admission with great spirit to brighten up their future,we are really thankful to Sir Zahir for making our dreams true once again!
                                         THanKs a L0t…


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