Opened door,,,

I have listened like this that whenever one door closes so another opens, whenever there are difficulties so we get confuse, upset and tense that how to get rid from them. Sometimes such big troubles come in our lives that we think the all doors have been closed now and then we also get mad further. As a young writer, I see today’s lives that all people suffer from various difficulties but no one waits for the opening of a new door. Here a fact needs to be mentioned that we never dare to accept and hear a truth that is related to our lives but we pretend to be unknown. when we don’t see any solutions for our problems so we do mistakes and plunders that can be very risky for our future and one more thing that is quite surprising among today’s mind setups that when we pass out from past so we say that” whoever calls his past, is a looser” .When we get birth, get education for the first time, give and understand respect for the first time then that was past, in fact our life is past, the moment we are living in is tomorrow calls the past so how can we call ourselves looser.The mind-setups of today’s youths is changed due to modern technology and modern  world. The reason of this past begins with our lives that we did and performed and our past guided us a true guider .Past is also a opened door for the realization of our mistakes and faults, when we see thunders in our lives, we weep, we cry for help but we never wait for the second door. “A human can content all difficulties but can’t wait and tolerate a fact” like this our difficulties won’t be decreased but increased either .We never try to understand our lives and we say that past callers are looser.We never try to give something to someone and we say others to wait. At a kind proposal my kind readers are kindly requested to kindly accept the kind proposal;
  Please never get tense, if one door closes so another always opens, it may take a long time but remember that there is Almighty Allah who examines you at every step,,,,,


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