Tearful eyes:
Every individual has a right to decide how to live, here the story lies between a miserable son and a confident mother.
The son was quite young and studying in a private school. His father was a bank cashier but still they couldn’t afford the price of high things, the son himself was a hardworking, intelligent and sensible boy, he respected elders and loved younger. He was liked by everyone. One day hiss school was off so he sat to do something, he decided to watch television, and there he was turning the channels so he caught the channel of a revolutionary film, he watched it thoroughly and deeply he became informed of the current situations of Baluchistan.After the termination of the film he started thinking in his mind that our nation is on the horns of dilemma,; I have to take it out from there, I have to do something, he thought a lot about it that how should I help my nation?. Next day he went to school, he founded that our brothers are being forced to leave their homeland, or sister’s slippers are being snatched, our mother’s scarf’s are being thrown over heartlessly, they are being forced towards violence and the brave freedom fighters are being martyred and thrown in mountains, we are being deprived of our rights. Here he got shocked and tears were rolling from his eyes like river .He took sides from here and there after all he was educated and sensible so he founded a strong mission ,the mission was broad-visional. Although he was in Eighth class but he yearned to perform something, He was informed of technological ways, so he was also aware of the use of compuer.By the help of computer he showed his talent. He opened the computer and made an ID on face book, his parents were not informed but he quoted that; “I can’t see blood in the eyes of my mothers”. He made members there and shared his views with them; they were satisfied with him and were ready to help him. And finally he was successful in his plan but when the time came to say his parents about this so he was afraid that I have done something without taking the permission of my parents, now how should I tell them; this question made him quite upset but he told it with a great spirit in balochi
“Abah ama;mana bebakshey key man shume ejazat a bagher yak karey kutha baley man pah wathi quom o raje wasta kutha,mana yakeen shuma mana samjey”

With these words he left home and became a freedom fighter, he was so keen and was struggling for freedom; he was at age of 22.Like wise days changed to weeks, weeks changed to months, months changed to years, years changed to decades. The boy that yearned to become a freedom fighter in eighth class was now a “Sarmachar” that became a sample for the world. He often used to say his parents;

“Man sak afsoos enth k mey makahey gulzameen cho padar kanga bohagaenth o mey warna ana

 Like this a year came in which the war between F.C and the baloch armies was at great rises ,he was also included in them, and fought very bravely and defeated the F.C in front by singing the balochi Anthem;

Ma chokey balochani,ma copagey pesani,ma jamegey mathani,……
Finally he got the name of a brave and hardworking student and freedom fighter……………                                       by Princess Baloch,,,,,Take care,


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