~~~We have no other leader greater than our teachers, and we claim them for their appearances~~~

Asalam u Alekum!I hope my readers are doing well and I am in sixes and sevens this time! The new life styles have brought revolutionary, surprising and shocking changes in us. The time for our new modern world is easy as compared with past and due to technological era the world has just become a play game now .I have been noticing for last three or four years and I have reached to a conclusion and it is also your problem to solve it .The thing is that an imaginary change in attitudes of students and teachers, there are some questions that need to be replied by you guys!

Why teachers support their favorite students in our society and ignore feeble students?

Why students don’t give that respect to their honest and frank teachers that they deserve?

Why our society blames those students who consider their teachers as their brothers and fathers?

Why students and teachers often look for other relations in outer world yet the relationship of teacher and is students is only of a common bro and sis and father and daughter?

I know well that the answer are confusing because we have never thought about such questions, we mock at our teachers, we jeer on them when they go out of the class, we jest at their images, personalities .Is it our right to perform like this? I ask this question to those so-called students who perform like ‘Mahan” students and after that they react in a different way that is unbelievable”. The question that confuses me, i want to put it in front of those ‘Mahan” students; Can you react like this to your parent, just once! They should perform those behaviors in front of their parents, they should punch, they should mock, and they should spoil. My heart really burns up when I think about such students who are going to free their nation but I piety that they don’t even recognize their picture of past .The world is so blank and dark that we are not informed about our own problems and try to free our nation .”To show yourself in a clean mirror firs t wash your face” this is a great saying from a great philosopher. We always need a supporter and it is teacher, we often need friend and it is teacher, we usually need a guider and it is teacher, we sometimes need a leader and in fact it is our teacher. Behind an every successful man there is the hand of a successful teacher, behind a great mechanic it is the hand of a teacher, behind an honorable journalist it is the hand of a respected teacher, behind a dreadful writer it is the hand of a complete teacher.

We can’t deny the sacrifices of our teachers; wherever we go we find the hands of our teachers and sometimes when teachers try to understand the students so reciprocally they blame that teacher, a teacher is educated that he comes and teaches us, however he is but he is our teacher, this thing doesn’t grows up in the minds of today’s students. A student can never reach the stage where a teacher stands but today’s students are trying to equalize the teachers.

Before when teachers walked people took the sand that was left under their foot prints and took it but now totally we are in ignorance, although we are educated, we are position holders, we are talented but in reality we are the biggest fools, dulls and week persons.

The world is changing, the thoughts should go a head but it goes a bit back because of our bad performances. I have listened like this that A teacher is the 2nd father and a teacher is also your first mother, a teacher is your 2nd mother and also a teacher is your 1st sister. Our most of the secrets are with our teachers, they know much about us that even our parents and friends don’t know. They make our lives, so they can destroy our lives by their one pooh.It is another circumstance that when a teacher is going wrong so we should fight for making him/her right and we should try to get him/her on the right path but in spite that it is the biggest plunder that we are doing it in our daily routine is” We blame our teachers for their faces, for their appearances, for their styles.

Whenever a person gets the sate of being a writer and journalist he never brings such topics in front that usually destroy the lives of students. My aim is to aware the people those so-called “Mahan’ students to get rid of it. I know that by this article they won’t get rid unless they themselves don’t well to do”


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