“The difficult puzzle…..

Hi buddies!

The fact of our today’s lives is that we are neither nice humans nor nice Muslims,neither we are performing our duties nor we are permitting any one to perform!

The puzzle is that how to be a great civilized person?The question rises up in our minds is that how to promote our society in the better way?

The first thing to discuss is that to understand the responsibilities of a civilized guy,then we should be responsible for any work and we should obey the laws and regulations of a society of the constitution.

  The second point to be pointed out is that to be that much confident that we should control the bad works in our society,if someone is performing a bad work so we should stop him instead of favoring him in that devil.

The third point is to be aware of any secret being dealt around us,and to make the wrong right,to lead the youths to heaven instead of hill!

The fourth point is that we should remove the misunderstandings from the minds of the people that create upset problems further!

The fifth  point that is the most difficult work in this world is to change the mind-setup of people ,that how they think ,how they behave,how they take the things,whether negatively or positively! 

The sixth point is this that we should try to bring a positive  change among us that should benefit the whole world!

The seventh point is to spread humanity,love ,peace and care among us ,i think that by performing these duties as a civilized person we can make a society better and we can promote the people to the way of reality.

The eighth point is that not to suspect anyone,otherwise it will be heavy on us!

I need to wrote these points because my aim is this that to remove those all misunderstandings from my society and to clear my society from the bad acts and thanks god 95% it is successful.We call ourselves Muslims,humans and citizen but do we know what are our duties,do we know what we have to do,do we have this feeling in our heart to do something for our nation.We all call ourselves balochs but do we really know what is it’s meaning,do we know how to struggle in a better way to be near from freedom?No!The answer is In negative because all have already accepted this reality,My aim is to bring those points and secrets in light that are hidden in the dark aspects.

Thank’ you & Cheerio!


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