Gulab Jamun!

Hey princess baloch here friends,hope all are doing fine,today i will write about one of my memorial and stupid act that i performed in a celebrity.Accident was such in this way that today i came to school and i was willing to make a dessert ,i went to kitchen and founded the packets of falooda,ferni,kheer and gulab jamun,i desired to make gulab jamun,i started making it with a great pleasure ,i read the label and i did the all things perfectly.i started frying them and they got red i  color and the smell was so beautiful my mouth was salivating at that time but i managed it.

After the preparation of the dessert ,i presented it in front of dad,today i was so keen because for the first time i made Gulab Jamun ,it looked so delicious and everyone was willing to have three or four from them,i gave all one or two,all tasted them,i looked at their mouths to notice the expressions of their mouths ,they all went outside ,i thought that may be they would prefer to eat them in garden that’s why they went outside but i received something different,i asked my dad that how was that?He replied;Great Princess,that was good.i became glad but the responses that i got from the other members of family that disgruntled me from cooking something,I will write it’s model below:

1)It was looking pretty  but its taste was so bad!

2)It was smelling with a nice presentation but it’s inner part was the same!

I want to give the all readers an advice that if you want to make something so first of all read Awooz and bismillah 30 times then star your aim,otherwise none can stop you from abuses from your members!


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