Why so?

we are the builder of a nation but we can’t prove our talent?Why so?

We are the roots of courage,but why we never encourage any one,why so?

We are Muslims and we think negatively,why so?

We are the futures of past but we condemn our present,why so?

Such other questions raise in our minds but we receive no answers,the reason is that we are narrow-minded and we can’t get time to think about other causes of youth’s destruction .Introducing the facts of article,it is so complicated to solve the various cases of an environment.Coming on the fact files of our political issues ,so they are matted in a bad way,with accordance of our so-called C.M,he is considered as  a joker ,not as a C.M .Whenever he comes on media he tell jokes,and people mock at him.Is it the status of C.M in Baluchistan?If such situations remained like this so i think freedom is  so far,i don’t say that freedom-fighters are alone but they need such a leader,such a supporter that should be a hope for them ,not a shameful news.On the other hand if we turn the pages of history,so such a chapter comes that is risky for our government and for our lives.That chapter is enclosed with the name of”‘Misunderstanding”,this chapter has destroyed the lives of people,in studying the pages of life,we get so curious that we become strange about those chapters that can close our units of life.Mean to say that we get involved in pleasures but we forget that how to control the difficulties when thy come?And when we do mistakes,we get tense,when we get tense,we do more mistakes,then to get replies and ideas from other ,we try to consult our friends who further misunderstand us as a result with suspect .”When we suspect it means we loss the trust ,but when we loss trust it means we suspect our ourselves” Going towards the theme that misunderstanding leads us to a part of hill which is a very hard path of destiny.In today’s era this disease is very common an i thanks  Almighty Allah that i don’t have such a mind setup that should lead me to that hill.

That is a different aspect of world that youth’s make these all problems,but  another shameful news is that our elders also think like this.Why so?

The world is the enemy of close persons and it always finds ways to blame and infamy someone but we create misunderstandings and enemies in our own surroundings.Why so?

All people leave you at lurch ,all will blame you when you want help,but why we create those causes that gives them chances to blame you?

Truth is bitter,reality can’t be ignored,lies is favor and dishonesty is policy,violence is a duty and obstinacy is a power,black money is lawful and law is waste,education is a joke and respect is temporary for appearance .Why so?

The society is a deceiver and friends are fiends,the political system+educational system is prey of corruptions  ,teachers are narrow-minded whereas parents suspect?so where should a child go to light up his sorrows!

Government is immersed in all kinds of devils,parliament is based upon lies and white lies,bomb blasting is a fashion and misunderstanding is a wish,so where should  the public go to over come his problems?

It needs a tough time  to solve these all problems and catch those thieves with red hands that destroys a person’s life to complete his intention?

We make friends to share half part of our lives,we make enemies to make our future strong,we make heart relations to listen the heart beats of each other,but we can’t trust one of them.Why so?

I hope that none has the answers,if they have i ask them,whether they are teachers,students,daughter or sons,Don’t they have negative thoughts right now in their minds or haven’t they misunderstood someone?


Ham mustakbel ke ujagar kye howe pheloon hey


Afsoos,koi phelo ka koi khas maqsad nai hotha

Hope 4 betterment guys not for discouragement!


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