Fathers and mothers

Parents are as important for us as oxygen,parents color our lives,parents destroy their futures for us,they forget their destiny for us,they sacrifice their pleasures for us and we send them to “Old age home”.

Our prophet ‘Muhammad(P.B.U.H)said ;i wish that i was offering the prayers of esha and my mother could call;Muhammad and i would say that,yes my dear mom,what is the order?this aspect realizes us that how much mother is precious.Mothers are the roots of our garden,if we don’t protect them so they wont bestow us beauty.mothers sacrifice their lives from the beginning of child’s birth till the child’s death but children can’t do anything for them.i have a great wish to do something for the parents of my nation,but at first i have to make strong my base then i can perform a nice performance.We have forgotten the rules and regulations of Islam,and the respect of parents,we can’t deny their unconditional love that they give us to be happy.Our parents make us realize us about the facts and lies of world,bad and good aspects of life.A mother can feed seven children but one children can’t manage a mother,i pity for those children who are glad by having no parents.there is a saying that”a parent is incomplete without mother because if mother gives her”R” to parent that becomes ‘PARTNERS” who lead us to any bright field.there is also a nice poetry,and i like to write it down”

“Jab pedah howa ,kitna majboor tha’

Yeh jahan teri socho sey b doorh tah

tuje ana tha,tho wo sirf rona e tha

doodh pee kar tera kaam sona e tha

deerey deery tho kudal jawan hogaya

zor o bazo pey tho chalne laga

ek din ek haseena tuje bah gayee

Ban k dulhan tere gar agye

beech nafrat k tho khud boney laga

teer bahto key tho chalaney laga

Yaad hey tuje,ek din maa ney kaha tha tujh se

Aab guzara nai hamara tery bin

Yeh sun kar tho tesh mey agaya

gusa teri akaal ko kaa gaya

Yeh keh dya tho ney apni maa sy

        Log martey hey kahi,tho b ja mar wahi

These are the performances of today’s children.they need to take care of their parents,and this world is going to end, If now we didn’t realize so who will answer the god.please for god sake take care of your parents and apologize for your mistakes,they gave you birth,brought you in the world and you sent them to hill!

Ham naye hen pasbah us chaman key

Jaha basta nai mamat kee anchal ka baesra(princess Baloch)



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