Modern educational sysem and past!

Hi,yasmeen baloch here! the theme of the topic is pointing towards education,education is known as a weapon,as a source for readers,but if we have a glance at today’s educational system,so it is completely smashed  ,i mean to say that respect of teachers is not given importance as if it is waste!the respect that our teachers deserve,we aren’t giving it to them,they educate us,they personally moralize us,they build our personality,but we can’t afford their one right .it is so surprising that today;s students have taken the education as a child play,if they go for getting knowledge,so they such get manners that are shameful,i don’t mean from teachers but exactly from society,society finds various ways to stop a person’s success but society is made for us,we can change it but we can’t because our elders halt us ,they think that whatever is going on that is right according to the public but what educators think about a society ,no one thinks .A teacher is obedient as well as disobedient,a teacher is honest as well as dishonest but it doesn’t means that we should torture them.they are our teachers,if we get something from them ,that will be for our welfare not for them.

The point comes to system,the modern educational system is disordered ,due to the environment and narrow minded people.The education in past was much better because there was honor,there was faith,there was understanding,now thee are all those facilities that a student needs to complete his education but  there is no necessity of anything,we have taken everything as our game,one thing i want to add that educational system depends upon the teachers and students,that how they manage and arrange it.if they are able and honest in their works so they can develop a nice society.

At other hand ,there are some teachers who favor their best and favorite students and ignore the dull students  that is against the rules in education,another mistake of schools is that the managements of schools are against of  institutions,the thoughts that a student keeps in our society they are called negative thoughts,that are as harmful as ultra violent rays,we don’t care about others and we do whatever our heart says,that further changes to our destruction.the modern educational system is narrow minded,against of managements,immersed in problems.the past educational system was in limit,it was in order,and it was like the vast and beneficial knowledge for students,although they were suffering from acute literacy and era of  difficulties but they were educated like humans and true students.

At the end i must add about getting red of such disease in an educational institution is that we should try to overcome those problems that disorder an institution and an advice for teachers that please please for god sake be broad minded and honest with your work and students.



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